What is Runity?

We are a community of runners and movement professionals passionate about improving the worlds running experience with the latest in scientific knowledge and technology.

  • Improve your Running

    Running is a skill and to do it efficiently you need to master its biomechanical and neurophysiological features. The unique Runity methodology will radically transform the way you run.

  • Resource and Tools

    Using many of the newest technologies, the Runity platform combines the latest scientific knowledge with the best learning procedures to make you a proficient runner and coach.

  • Global Community

    Join our community of happy runners where everyone is welcome, regardless of performance level. We focus on health, participation and collaboration.

If you are a coach

  • Courses

    Specialize your career and differentiate yourself from the others by becoming a Runity Running Coach. More than one billions runners are waiting for your enhanced coaching skills.

  • Training plans

    Create personalized training plans for your runners. Select between running­ specific exercises and conditioning exercises that match each runners needs.

  • User management

    Control and track the progress of your runners and invite new runners into the platform. Runity makes managing your running business easier!

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Next courses already available

If you are a runner

  • Easy training management

    Finally you can have your own running coach to support you with your running technique and conditioning, to prevent injuries and organically achieve your goals.

  • mobile

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