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Our story

Improving the worlds running practice one stride at a time

How we started

Brent Anderson, Blas Chamorro and Juan Nieto, founders of Runity have been leaders in the field of qualitative movement for years. Thousands of health care and fitness professionals have successfully been trained as movement teachers through Polestar, an international education company founded by Brent in 1992. As human movement passionate, Brent, Blas and Juan are continually exploring “real” human movement and started to look at running as one of the skills that humans are best designed to perform.

The reality is that humans are not the fastest nor the strongest animals on the earth, however we are very good at running and walking long distances and keep an adequate body temperature. It turns out that we are very good at sweating. When humans run, their physical, mental and emotional health improves. One step and your brain triggers into “learning mode” where and at the same time activates the brain’s “reward” mechanism. Knowing this and other amazing health benefits of running, we realized we have the expertise, focus and knowledge to bring joy back into running for the masses with an affordable, accessible and simple platform.

Our method

The Runity methodology defines the scientific properties of running from a biomechanical, neuromuscular, motor learning, psychosocial and bioenergetics approach. Runity provides technological and human interventions that improves safety, stickiness and enhanced benefits of the running practice. Everyone should be able to run and we make that possible by teaching painless running. By applying the principles of movement efficiency, one can significantly reduce harmful forces that reduce one’s ability to enjoy running. This new scientific view of the most ancient movement form known to man is the foundation Runity is built on.

Our purpose

We have the ambitious goal of changing the way the world runs. Runity will allow all levels of runners to prepare their bodies and minds to enjoy running safely and efficiently for life.

We believe in

scientific evidences

The Team

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